Visualorigin Electronics is a young technology company, established in 2015, is committed to providing customers with superior quality of the LED display. Our business includes led display customized design, manufacturing, finished product procurement, product performance evaluation, order production monitoring, factory ISO review, product test&examine. 


     Company consists of 10 electronic engineers, structural engineers, maintenance engineers who have 5 ~ 12 years experience in LED display industry. The average age of us is not more than 35 years old, we all having worked for a famous display company in the industry. Because of the same values and aspirations in life, we come together to set up this LED displays company ---Visualorigin.


     Our company is fresh, but we have robust backbone; our team is young, but we think of everything with the most sincere mind. Everyone is responsible for the products, responsible for the customers, responsible for the visualorigin, responsible for their own conscience.


     Visualorigin executes scientific and strict quality control system to each order. We are committed to improve each LED display performance and quality to its best. Let the customer to get the superior quality displays with the best price.