• We Are The Touchstone of Your LED Display
  • Design&Develop / Technological Monitor / Test&Commissioning
  • Experienced Engineers Provide Professional Installation&Maintenance Service

——We Are The Touchstone of Your LED Display——

Visualorigin execute scientific and strict quality control system to each order

Design & Develop

VisualOrigin has a team of engineers which are full of experiences in LED displays designing, including electric design and structure design.

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Quality Enhance&Monitoring

A one-to-one engineer for monitoring the quality from the raw material, SMT/DIP to final package. We ensure that each panel go through us is get sublimed.

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Engineering Install&Service

With more than 8 years working in LED industry, we have a team of experienced LED technician and engineers to do installation&maintenance for all kinds project on site.

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10mm Pixelpitch Outdoor High-Brightness DIP LED Display

Pixelpitch: 10mm,
Module Size: 160mm x 160mm,
Module Resolution: 16 x 16 pixels,
Display Size: 8.64m x 5.76m,
Display Resolution: 864 x 576 Pixels,

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Outdoor 6mm Pixelpitch LED Display in Danmark

Pixelpitch: 6mm,
Module Size: 192mm x 192mm,
Module Resolution: 32 x 32 pixels,
Display Size: 2.304m x 1.536m,
Display Resolution: 384 x 256 Pixels,

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6mm Pixelpitch for Exhibition Hall

Pixelpitch: 6mm,
Module Size: 192mm x 192mm,
Module Resolution: 32 x 32 pixels,
Display Size: 16.128m x 4.224m,
Display Resolution: 2688 x 704 Pixels,

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6K HD LED TV 1.5mm, 32.8SQM, 6912 x 1944 pixels for Monitor Room

Pixelpitch: 1.5625mm,
Module Size: 300mm x 168.75mm,
Module Resolution: 96 x 108 pixels,
Display Size: 10.8m x 3.037m,
Display Resolution: 6912 x 1944 Pixels,

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